Mestre Jogo de Dentro

Mestre Jogo de Dentro with Mestre João Pequeno

Mestre Jogo de Dentro, born Jorge Egidio dos Santos, first started Capoeira in 1982 at the fort of Santo Antonio in the city of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. There he studied in Mestre João Pequeno’s academy known as the Centro Esportiva de Capoeira Angola.
After a year of training he received the nickname ‘Jogo de Dentro’ (inside game) from Mestre João Grande, due to his style of playing Capoeira.

In 1986 Mestre João Pequeno gave him the responsibility of teaching classes and leading the rodas during his absence. In 1990 he gave him the title of Contra Mestre as recognition for his dedication and his work with Capoeira Angola. He soon started teaching a group of students and the group he led got the name “Heranca de Pastinha” (Pastinha’s heritage). After some time this developed into the name “Semente do jogo de Angola” (seed of the Angola game).
He was awarded the title of Mestre in 1994 and in 1996 he left Bahia to the state of São Paulo to continue expanding his work with Capoeira Angola. He stayed there for 12 years teaching and cultivating responsible students who carry on his work there to this day.
In 2007 he returned to live in Salvador and continue his work with a group he started many years before in the neighborhood of Calafate, using Capoeira Angola as a tool for empowerment for the local children.

A few years later he settled in Caixa Pregos on the island of Itaparica near Salvador where he has constructed a beautiful space dedicated to his work with Capoeira. These days he holds events and workshops there as well as frequent travels abroad, teaching and promoting Capoeira Angola. Caring deeply for Capoeira Angola’s roots and traditions, he emphasizes not only the techniques but also the history of Capoeira, recognizing the painful past of those who have carried these traditions to this day. Known and respected around the world, he is a remarkable person and like Mestre João Pequeno, he is dedicated to the survival of his art through his students.